User Experience Designer


UX Designer and Product Manager

I create digital products people love.
I am available for freelance work.

I create digital products people love. I’m available for freelance work.


Press clipping made easy

PMG’s Presse Monitor contains the digital data of almost all printed newspapers from Germany. Press departments can find and license press clippings. I designed a new web app that lets the user create and distribute press reviews. The app replaces a legacy Windows tool, allows remote work and integrates seamlessly into the existing interface. 

UX Designer

Digital postal services

PIN Mail’s digital postal services offer customers everything they need to manage their mailings: eBrief is a web platform for an automated printing and mailing service. The office services portal is a b2b e-commerce platform for office managers. I redesigned both platforms for conversion optimization with improved workflows and usability. 

UX Designer

Apartment walk-through

Using the SmartCheck app, incoming and outgoing tenants can inspect their apartment and send their walk-through report to the landlord. I created the app from ground up and managed the UI design and development.

UX Designer
Product Manager

Save on your hotel booking

Have you ever wondered how you can get a cheaper rate for your hotel after you booked? DreamCheaper is a start-up that helps you doing that. I worked in product management and UX design roles. 

Product Manager
UX Designer for CRM interface
UX Manager for customer website

Custom furniture tools

Hem’s design tools allow customers create custom shelving and custom made tables. The CRM helps the team manage product data and provides a seamless workflow integration for producers and logistics to fulfill custom orders. 

Product Manager
UX Manager

Premium photo community

Leica Online Services is a web-based photo community and e-commerce platform. Germany’s premium photo camera manufacturer Leica launched it to provide additional services to loyal customers and to photography enthusiasts who get in touch with the brand for the first time.

UX Team Lead
Product Management Consultant

Nutrition coach app

Coach that helps people lose weight. The team transformed the nutritionist’s therapy approach into a digital service for web, iPhone, Android and Windows Phone.

UX Team Lead


I am a UX Designer with a passion for creating products people love.

With more than 20 years experience in the making of great products with great teams, and I am both a creative and analytical thinker with a deep understanding of user needs, business success and technical environments.

I hold an M.A. in Interface Design and an M.B.A. in Entrepreneurship, and as a pioneer in UX Design I have been a local leader at the Interaction Design Association for 8 years.

While my home base is Berlin, Germany, I am available for freelance work worldwide – remotely or temporarily on site.  

+49 172 396 66 96